What I do

Every aspect of your brand identity and online presence is important. How can I help your business?


Your company logo is an essential part of your brand. It tells a story and connects you with clients. My step-by-step, collaborative design process ensures that your logo is simple, yet impactful, and relevant to your industry and purpose.

Should you already have a company logo and established brand, I modernize, simplify and revamp the design to comply with evolving technologies and trends, while preserving your unique identity.

Additionally, I also professionally apply your logo to create printed marketing material, corporate stationery and graphics for social media.

Project shown: Logo, photography & business card design for Cacao Services


Your website is frequently the first interaction between your company and your potential customers. It gives you a brief window to build credibility, explain your value and convey crucial information.

I specialize in modern business websites that are responsive, intuitive and beautiful. I’ve built hundreds of websites and I’ve settled on what I believe to be the best platforms:

  • WordPress: Whether you run a mom and pop restaurant or practice law, WordPress provides a versatile and secure content management system that is reliable, easy to manage and ready for marketing and Search Engine Optimization.
  • Shopify: For online stores, Shopify is the way to go. The interface is geared towards selling. Their user-friendly system streamlines the payment process, inventory management and order fulfillment.


Stock photos don’t cut it. They may portray a boring cliché, or just not provide what you envision. This is especially true in Hawaiʻi, where the same grinning family is used to sell dental procedures, broadband internet and bank loans.

Professional, personal photography promotes transparency, builds trust and goes hand-in-hand with your written content. I take stunning photos, whether you need candid lifestyle shoots on location or isolated product images. I also retouch and fix photos, remove backgrounds and optimize files for web use.

Project shown: Photography & website design for Holoholo General Store


Tailor your website or printed materials with distinctive, memorable and vivid illustrations. I conceptualize and create digital artwork such as:

  • infographics for data presentation
  • stylized maps
  • designs for t-shirts
  • customized icons
  • brand mascots

I also paint with acrylic on canvas, usually in black and white.

Project shown: Digital illustration, logo & website design for Nine Dragon


Carefully designed packaging attracts attention and speaks to consumers. My focus is on retail and food packaging. From a basic concept to a branded box on a store shelf, I turn ideas into something tangible by:

  • creating customized product packaging that is easy to ship and assemble
  • designing bold, captivating artwork
  • complying with FDA labeling regulations
  • navigating the world of suppliers, logistics and printers
  • selecting cost-effective, eco-friendly materials that showcase and protect the contents
  • purchasing and organizing barcodes.

Project shown: Packaging design for Hobbs Tea (photography by Doug Falter)


Good website content adheres to specific technical requirements, has a structured hierarchy of information, and offers a great user experience.

I write persuasive and straightforward copy that clearly communicates value, connects a business with customers, and motivates readers to take action.

Already have content? I offer specialized copy-editing and proofreading services, focused on spelling, grammar, syntax and punctuation.

Let’s build something together.