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Pāhiku is a Hawaiian fashion and lifestyle label based in Diamond Head. The clothes are custom-made and hand-stitched in by a small, family-owned business.

Logo & clothing tag design

Photography direction

Photography direction

Wear Aloha.

My inspiration for the logo mark and brand was heavily influenced by popular yoga culture, mandala, suns and flowers. The seven-sided, flowing symbol encompasses pāhiku, which means “sevenfold” in the Hawaiian language, a nod toward the seven inhabited islands and the seven chakras.

Product photography: Jamey Steiner

What I did

Logo design & brand strategy

Wordpress website design & development

Brand collateral and t-shirt design

Photography & photo editing

Content development & copy editing

Business development

What the client said

Leon possesses incredible business insight and knowledge, suggesting intelligent ways to streamline processes and to establish priorities. He is also gifted when it comes to developing awe-inspiring, beautiful brands. Leon was able to offer ideas and still allow for team work by understanding and working within the parameters I had established. I highly recommend his work, from top-notch branding and design to business consulting.

Purchasing & Quality Control Manager at Pāhiku


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